Rimbik is a small town that is located in the Singalila National Park. This small town can be described as a major attraction for people who are trekking from Darjeeling or a nearby area to the national park – a road that also includes the famous trek to Sandpakphu. In the recent years, tourists who wish to explore new destinations in addition to the established areas such as Darjeeling, Lava, Lolegao etc. have been visiting Rimbik as well. The hamlet is basically situated atop a mountain that overlooks the River Ramman that flows from Sikkim into Bengal. It could be described as the last major habitation on the Bengal side of the border. It is located in close proximity with both Nepal and Sikkim.

Rimbik has a big market that serves as a source of supplies that are needed by the nearby villages on a consistent basis. This is also one of the reasons why the local villages depend on Rimbik to a certain extent.

Attractions and accommodation facilities in Rimbik

As such there are not too many tourist attractions that one may be able to see in this small hill hamlet. However, as has been said already this place is a paradise for the trekkers. There are two routes that one can take from Rimbik en route to Sandakphu. There is a straight forest trail that emanates from Bikebhanjan to Rimbik. The other route connects Sandakphu to Rimbik and passes through Srikhola and Gurdung. This particular route is longer but this one is highly preferred by the trekkers over the first one.

There is an uneven road from Rimbik that you can take to reach Srikhola. The length of this road is about 7 km. It is from Srikhola that you can start your trek to Sandakphu. If you are not a hardcore trekker as such and wish to just partake in the experience just for the heck of it you could walk till Gurdung.

The small village named Timbure is located in between Gurdung and Srikhola. This is one area where you are sure to receive some basic accommodation facilities. It can also be assumed that since Rimbik is a trekkers’ destination you will get a number of trekking huts that will offer some decent facilities. Rimbik also offers you a fantastic view of Kanchenjunga.

Destinations near Rimbik

As has been stated already Rimbik is located on the route to Sandakphu. It is at a distance of 24 kilometers. Manebhanjan is at a distance of 55 km and it can be traversed in a car in around 2 and a half hours. Darjeeling, which is the place to be in this part of the world, is around 80 km and it takes approximately 4 hours to get to Darjeeling from Rimbik.

How to reach Rimbik

Siliguri lies at a distance of 130 km from Rimbik and it takes almost 5 hours to complete the tour. You can get down at the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and then take a car on hire or board a bus that goes to Darjeeling via Ghoom.

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13 kilometers from Mongpu and 28 kilometers from Siliguri tucked away in the Himalayas is the small and relatively less crowded hamlet of Kalijhora. The village is totally covered by the forests of shaal, arjun, segun, eucalyptus and derives its name from the water fall Kalijhora cascading down from a height of 550 meters. Kalijhora literally means black water and the color is definitely more blackish than the mighty Teesta flowing downstream. Mouni Pahar/hill surrounds this quaint little hamlet and Swetkhola and Kalikhola Rivers act as borders of this Kalijhora while the village itself is the border between Bengal and Sikkim.

How to reach Kalijhora falls

Reaching Kalijhora is quite easy because it is located on the National Highway 31A connecting Bengal with Sikkim. You can take any vehicle that is plying towards Sikkim from Siliguri and reach Kalijhora since its enroute to Sikkim via the same route. For accommodation, the forest rest house and PWD inspection bungalow are available. However, both of these require advance reservation.

Attractions in Kalijhora falls

The scenic beauty of Kalijhora is incomparable to any other village and the presence of the waterfall makes it even more attractive. Initially famous as picnic spot because of its proximity to River Teesta, it was only loved by the locals. However, over the last few years there has been a steady influx of tourists at this region. The landscape has altered considerably after the construction of the dam in 2000. This is the perfect spot for lazing around and enjoying natural abundance. The unspoiled greenery along with the consistent orchestration of crickets will enchant you throughout.

The well known Sevoke Bridge commonly called Bagpool is only 7 kilometers from Kalijhora. Latpanchar another tourist spot which is potentially developing into a popular one is located nearby at the end of the forest. Trekkers can trek to reach Latpanchar through the forest trail. You can continue on the same route to Shittong, Pokhritar, Bagora finally leading you to Kurseong-Darjeeling Highway. There is even more adventure waiting for you at Kalijjhora. You can trek within Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary which is only a couple of hours from Kalijhora. Tourists often trek to Kamala Falls within the premises of the sanctuary. However, special permission from the forest department is mandatory.

Discover the Rambijhora Falls at a short distance and also take part in white water rafting during the day. Peshok is a close by spot which is marked with the confluence of Teesta and Rangeet offering an amazing sight. Only 20 kilometers from Kalijhora is Mongpu, famous for Cinchona plantation and Rabindranath Tagore’s summer residence.

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Samsing is a small hamlet located on the border of Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling in the foothills. Enjoying an elevation of 3,000 feet, Samsing is beautiful in its natural glory. The vast landscape, forests, hills, tea gardens add to the charm of this hamlet which is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination. The village is divided into two sections- the tea garden area and the basti that is the settlement zone which is inhabited by around 2500 people. Samsing is 8 kilometers from Meteli, 15 kilometers from Chalsa, 19 kilometers from Malbazar, 50 kilometers from Mongpong, 80 kilometers from Siliguri and 26 kilometers from Gorumara. The land experiences mild weather throughout the year which is another reason for its popularity as a tourist destination.

How to reach Samsing

Reaching Samsing is easy because it’s accessible by road. It’s a 3 hour drive from Siliguri and the route is most rewarding. It has visually stunning and picturesque landscape which seems like the backdrop of a romantic film. On the National Highway-31 you have to cross Malbazar to reach Chalsa from where its 15 minutes drive to Meteli by taking the left turn. These 8 kilometers is the most rewarding because the road is flanked by sprawling tea gardens- the Samsing and Zurantee tea gardens making the route enchanting. However, the road leading to Samsing is quite narrow so one must drive carefully.

Accommodation facilities in Samsing

Samsing provides plenty of accommodation facilities to the tourists. Suntalekhola is the ideal place to stay and most of the tourists put up at the cottages here. Suntalekhola is about 4 kilometers uphill from Samsing and has well facilitated cottages and bungalows maintained by West Bengal Forest Department. Cross a small hanging bridge to arrive at the government resort at Suntalekhola. Alternatively, you can stay at the Rocky Island Nature Resort which is located on the banks of Murti River. You will be provided tents for overnight stay to enjoy the beautiful and mysterious atmosphere of the region. If you wish to see the lifestyle of the local people, then Faribasti homestay will be the best option for you. Experience their hospitality and also their love for nature.

Attractions in Samsing

Staying at any of these places will be a treat for your eyes because of the pristine nature and of course the meandering Murti River. The river turbulently flows from Neora Valley National Park through Samsing to reach Jaldhaka near Gorumara National Park. You can also hear the sound of the water splashing against the rocks. At Suntalekhola you will notice a beautiful orange stream flowing through the land and making it picturesque. Suntalekhola and Rocky Island also serve as picnic spots for local people along with Laliguras which is again a beautiful place with lush greenery amidst mountains.

For adventure take the trek routes originating from Suntalekhola leading to Neora Valley national Park. But you must seek permission from the forest department to enter the park. Other trekking routes lead to Tree Fern Point and Mo or Mo Chaki from where the Himalayan Mountains are visible on one side. The snow covered Jalep La pass is also visible from here.

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Charcoal located at an elevation of 5000 feet sits pretty at the top of the eastern Himalayan range rewarding the tourists with natural abundance. Only 16 kilometers from Lolegaon and 22 kilometers from Kalimpong, Charcoal or Charkhol is a small Lepcha village tucked away in the lap of the Himalayas. Charcoal offers the most pristine forests in the eastern Himalayas and a breathtaking view of the Kanchenjunga which you will never forget in your life. Easy, simple, peaceful, Charcoal is arguably one of the best places for mind and body rejuvenation. With so much of greenery all around you, you will completely forget about the concrete jungle you have come from.

How to reach Charcoal 

Reaching Charcoal is easy once you have arrived at Lolegaon. You can trek, walk or even hire a vehicle to reach Charcoal.

Accommodation in Charcoal

The best part about Charcoal in terms of easy access to the tourists is its accommodation facilities. There are cottages in Charcoal which welcome you with open arms to enjoy your sojourn at this small village. The well developed accommodation units have contributed to the popularity of the destination among discerning travelers. You can put up at Dhanbagey Home, Heritage Farm, Waiba Home stay, Niyma Hoitsher Home Stay, Nijano Homestay, Cocomando Homestay, Anudith Lodge Rangaroon T.E., Peace Palace Homestay, Yonzon’s EC0-Tourism Homestay. Obviously as a part of the eco-tourism project these home stays have come up with excellent facilities for the tourists. Besides, there are some resorts as well like K Kunj Village Resort, Orange Villa, Mhendhola Dhim Resort, Golden Valley, Garden of Heaven, AUKS Homestay Soreong, Green Valley, Blue Pine Retreat and Trident Hill Resort where you can stay during your trip. The prices which include food and lodging range from 700-1700 INR. All the units are provided with modern amenities for the guests.

Attractions in Charcoal

The biggest highlight of Charcoal is the hypnotizing view and the color play at the snow capped peak of Kanchenjunga throughout the day. You can actually spend the entire witnessing nature’s love affair or take a stroll through the pine, cypress, oak and rhododendron forest. During the course you will notice various species of beautiful birds, butterflies, orchids and fragrant flowers. The ambience of Charcoal will have an everlasting effect on you and the view of Mt. Everest on clear days from Jhandi Dara is a visual treat. If you are missing some adventure, then trek to nearby Kafer only 15 kilometers from here.

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2-2.5 kilometers downhill from Rishyap, the 2nd last village of West Bengal a small village within ideal trekking rout. You can go through the main road which is 1 kilometer uphill from Rishyap and then turn left for downhill within the jungle. Other than that there is a short cart. The short cart road is very beautiful and enjoyable for an ideal trek. Start walking from in front of the Resort Sonar Tari for downhill. There is a narrow footpath here. You need to cross a small falls to reach the main village. Cross the village and ask for the “Mandir” road, the villagers will show you the road for Seole Village. There is a big “Shri Shiva Buddha Temple” at the end of the village.  Tired?? Take rest and ask water from any village houses, they are very helpful.

If you have time in your hand go for the last village of West Bengal. There you will have Pears (Nashpati) garden and peach fruit garden here. You can reach to Sikkim by walking from here within 8h hour.

During the time of returning collect phone number from Suntec Resort, Hotel Neils, Ice View Cottage etc. for your next trip to Rishyap.

Back to Rishyap

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Tiffin Dara is a point from where the 360 degree view of Kanchenjungha can be seen without any interruption. Dara means point in the Lepcha language and Tiffin Dara is a point in the Eastern Himalayan range in North East India offering a breathtaking view of the world’s 3rd highest peak. 3 kilometers uphill from Rishyap, a small hamlet, Tiffin Dara can be reached by trekking on the mountainous trail. The best part of this trek is that it goes through the dense forest filled with birch, pine, fir trees and different varieties of orchids. Chirping birds and some mountainous dogs might accompany you through the journey.

How to reach Tiffin Dara

Reaching Tiffin Dara is not difficult especially for the adventure lovers because it’s only 3 kilometers uphill from Rishyap through the dense forest filled with birch, pine, fir trees and different varieties of orchids. Rishyap can be reached by train, rail and also by air. The nearest railway station is New Jalpiguri which is 116 kilometers drive from Rishyap. The nearest airport is Bagdogra from where you can hire cars, trekkers, jeeps to reach Rishyap. It is only 126 kilometers taking 4.5 hours approximately to reach the destination. If you are coming to Rishyap from Lava, then it’s a 30 minutes drive and from Kalimpong it’s a 1 hour drive.

Image guide for trek to Tiffin Dara view point from Rishyap

Attractions in Tiffin Dara

There is no accommodation available at Tiffin because it is a tourists spot. However, Rishyap has a number of private accommodation facilities including home stays.

Tiffin Dara is located at an altitude of around 2,360 meters; it could a little higher than that. The magnificent view of the snow capped Kanchenjunga during sunrise is a mind blowing treat to the eyes. The other peaks of Himalayan range can also be seen from here and some parts of Jalep La and Nathula Pass as well. It feels paradise on earth when you see the skyline on top of the mountain. You can also feel like being on the top of the world once you reach the point and savor the panoramic view.

Back to Rishyap

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Rishop or Rishyap, is a picturesque hamlet and a nature lover’s paradise. The term Rishyap when translated in English means Land of Lofty Mountains, Peaks and Old Aged Trees. This beautiful and peaceful land where mountains, trees, birds, animals and humans co-exist peacefully is gaining significance in terms of popularity. Nature lovers of course find it very close to their heart and the non lovers also fall in love with its unique charm. Rishyap is basically a Lepcha community village situated at the foothills of TriffinDara at an elevation of 2,360 meters. Developed almost recently, Rishyap is part of Neora Valley which offers a spectacular view of the mighty Kanchenjunga. For people who love to trek on mountain roads, the experience will be most rewarding through the forests of pine, Dhupi and Rhododendron.

How to reach Rishyap


12 miles Lava, Rishop and Kalimpong connector

Rishyap is located at a distance of 29 kilometers from Kalimpong and 11 kilometers from Lava.  Rishop is just 4 kms uphill from Lava which you have to trek  through the deep silent forest of Pines, Rhododendrons and Orchids, Rishyap is easy accessible to tourists,  but you have to hire any SUV. Last 1 km to 1.5 km road is not accessible for any small car. However, the ones who do not enjoy trekking can hire jeeps or car. The scenic view will be the same. Jeeps or car fare from Rishyap:

Rishyap to Lava – Rs. 600
Rishyap to Changey Water fall – Rs. 1200
Rishyap to Lava and Loleyaon – Rs. 1800
Rishyap to Kalimpong – Rs. 2200
Rishyap to NJP or Bagdogra – Rs. 3500

Attractions in Rishyap

Majestic Kanchenjunga sunrise at Rishop

Majestic Kanchenjunga sunrise at Rishop

The main highlight of Rishyap is the unhindered breathtaking view of the majestic Kanchenjunga, which is the 3rd highest peak in the world. Sunrise and sunset on the white peak of Kanchenjunga rendering it a golden pinkish glow is a scene that will leave a mark in your heart forever. Also the blue mountains of Sikkim, Nathu La Pass and Jalep La passes will captivate your senses. Taking a stroll under the starry azure sky and witnessing the twinkling lights of the nearby towns will make your heart sing in joy. This perfectly ethereal ambiance will enchant you and you will never want to leave Rishyap. When you get back to your senses, enjoy the view of Kokthang, Kabroo, Talung, Narsingh, Rathung, Simvo peaks and also pay a visit to the Lava Monastery southeast of Rishyap. For trekking enthusiasts, the trail through Neora Valley National Park meeting at Jorpokhri or Sukhiapokhri will be enjoyable.

If you are interested in trekking:

Peoples are enjoying Sunrise at hill top of the tiffin dara view point

Trek to Tiffin Dara View Point

3 kilometers uphill from Rishyap, the 2nd highest point of West Bengal an altitude of around 2,360 meters, a small hamlet, Tiffin Dara can be reached by trekking on the mountainous trail. The best part of this trek is that it goes through the dense forest filled with birch, pine, fir trees and different varieties of orchids. Chirping birds and some mountainous dogs might accompany you through the journey. Continue Reading →


Flowers and sky at Seole village near Rishop

Flowers and sky at Seole village near Rishop

Trek to Seole Village

2-2.5 kilometers downhill from Rishyap, the 2nd last village of West Bengal a small village within ideal trekking rout. You can go through the main road which is 1 kilometer uphill from Rishyap and then turn left for downhill within the jungle. Other than that there is a short cart. Continue Reading →

Accommodation in Rishyap

Rishyap has plenty of accommodation units. resorts and hotels in Neora Valley/Rishyap where you can stay on your trip and enjoy the scenic beauty. The Kanchenjunga View, Neora Valley Resort, Snow View, Suntec Resort, Sonar Bangla Resort and Green Valley Resort afford comfortable stay to the tourists. The room tariffs range from INR 950-1400 with all the hotels and resorts offering a breathtaking view of the Kanchenjunga. Along with mouthwatering culinary delights, trek guides are also provided by the resorts.

Lovely Resort – Rishayp

Phone: 033 2243-6440 By West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.
Phone: 033 30230400, 9830252843, 9903111000, 09434503416 By JOURNEYY MART
Hotel: 9733061489, E-mail: info@journeyymart.com

Ice View Cottage – Rishayp

Phone: 9733264723, 9647834681

Suntec Resort – Rishayp

Phone: 9933628993, 9836087652, 9836557705

Hotel New Sonar Bangla – Rishayp

Phone: 9733093731

Resort Sonar Tari – Rishayp

Phone: 8001233610, 8017195512, 8001233431

Hotel Grand View – Rishayp

Phone: 9933780018, 9734084230
Tariff: Rs. Rs. 1200 – Rs. 1500

Sunakhari Retreat (Spring Vale Resort) – Rishayp
Pandim Cottage – Rishayp
Yankee Village Retreat – Rishayp
Hotel Orange Tulip – Rishayp
Rejoy Resort  – Rishayp
Valley of Flowers Resort  – Rishayp
Chavi Village Resort,

20th Mile, Chumirchen, Menchu


Phone: 9830947352, 9331035550, 9836955169
Tariff: Rs. 950 – Rs. 1200

Neora Valley Resort – Rishayp

Phone: 9830947352 ,8420424111, 9331035550
Tariff: Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1600

Green Peak – Rishayp

Phone: 033 2227 7400, 033 2217 4374
Tariff: Rs. 1200 – Rs. 1500

Hotel Neils – Rishayp

Tariff: Rs. 1,500

Hotel Rishayp Green Peak – Rishayp

Tariff: Rs. 1,200

Kanchan View Tourist Lodge – Rishayp

Phone: 9830947352 ,8420424111, 9331035550
Tariff: Rs. 850 – Rs. 1000

Green Valley Resort – Rishayp
Himalayan Hut – Rishayp
Rishyap Holiday Inn – Rishayp 
Paradise Villa – Rishayp

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When you come to think of it Gumabadara Village, nestled in Kalimpong, is not exactly one of the leading tourist destinations in this part of the hilly terrain of Bengal. But boy, you would make a great mistake if you never visited this place at least once in your life when you had the chance to do so. In case you have been to Kalimpong before you would be well conversant with the destination known as Lolegaon.

How to reach Gumbadara Village

Before you make the trip to Gumabara you need to be aware of the fact that the accommodation that you shall get here is mostly village style facilities. It is 12 km from Lava and 10 km from Lolegaon. It is situated at a height of 6500 feet and is regarded as a virgin beauty of sorts. The hamlet is dotted with trees such as oak, pine and trees known in Bengali as jhau. It is a really wonderful site for the tired souls. It is like a riot of blue and green over here – the natural beauty will simply take your breath away.

 Attractions in Gumbadara Village

Chunabati road on the way from Lava to Loleyaon

Chunabati road on the way from Lava to Loleyaon

Nearby Gumbadara is located the Kafer Village (Also known as Loleygaon or Lolegaon). You know, what the best part of this journey is – the jungle that you need to pass through in order to get to Gumbadara from Lolegaon! For each day the cost for one person would be in the range of INR 1000. This includes both food and lodging. However, if you are not going alone then there is a good chance that the costs could come down. This place is known as the land of cloud fairies and not without reason. The greenery here is mind-blowing as well and you could jolly well spend at least a couple of days over here.

A monastery is building up in this village. A big Buddha statue and a lama school are here. In downhill there is a nice village is there. A newly set up high school and doctor’s dispensary are also there.

Accommodation in Gumbadara Village


Salakha Guest House, Gumabadara Village

Salakha Guest House is one of the various options that you would get here in case you are looking to spend a day here. You can also try out D600. Here you will get both food and lodging. Otherwise you can opt for home-stay facilities as well. The costs are not too much.

Salakha Guest House
Phone: 09933780018 / 09593652607
Tariff: Rs. 500.00 – Rs. 1600.00

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Loleygaon (also spelt Lolaegaon or Lolegaon) is a beautiful Lepcha hamlet located at an elevation of 1,675 meters with a population of 5000 residents. Kaffer is the Lepcha name for Lolaygaon. This small but picturesque hamlet is 24 kilometers from Lava and 55 kilometers from Kalimpong town. Located at the extreme end of the Himalayan ridge, Loleygaon is known for forests, scenic beauty, sunrises and sunsets. Loleygaon along with Lava is one of the most popular tourist destinations and hill station for the tourists from all over the world. The sunrise and sunset over the mighty Kanchenjunga viewed from Jhandi Dara will mesmerize you and as if it is not enough, you can also enjoy the spectacular view of the Kanchenjunga from Charkole nearby.

Mobile phone network is available in most parts.

How to reach Loleygaon

Chunabati road on the way from Lava to Loleyaon

Chunabati road on the way from Lava to Loleyaon

Loleygaon in English means a village of happiness and pleasure and the easiest way to reach Loleygaon is by road from Kalimpong. You can either avail the bus service, jeep or Maruti van service from Kalimpong. The fare for the later is around 850 INR. It is only 1.5 hours journey from Lava with a Land-Rover and cab.  You can also trek to Loleygaon on Railey’s Hanging Bridge through Kalimpong-Relikhola-Sohilung Bazaar route. The Bagdogra airport is the closest airport and New Jalpaiguri station is the nearest station.

Attractions  at Loleygaon

Apart from the spectacular view of the sunrise and sunset visible from Loleygaon, the most notable tourist attraction is the 180 meters Canopy Walk on the hanging bridge from Heritage Forest is only 10 minutes walking distance. This forest is a century old one and is famed for its Cypress and Oak vegetation. Taking a stroll on the bridge with the towering pine, oaks and cypress creating a mystical atmosphere is an ethereal experience. You will feel a sense of freedom and also feel like you are getting close to achieving salvation on this journey through the bridge. By the end of this journey you will arrive at the Kaffer village from where you can see the snow capped Kanchenjunga like never seen before and also the peaks of Pandim, Kabru, Talung, Narsingh and Shimbho.

There is a Buddhist Temple nearby and Charkhol is only 15 kilometers from Kaffer. Only 10 kilometers from Loleygaon is Gumdara village which is considered as a land of virgin forest. Lovely blue and green valleys and enchanting forest is the specialty of this quaint village. All the lovely hamlets at the foothills of the Shivalik Himalayan range are known as “Natural Tranquilizers” in a consolidated form. Other tourist attractions include Ramitey Dara– the popular sunset point and the Loleygaon monastery which is the oldest in the region.

Accommodation in Loleygaon

Loleygaon has plenty of accommodation units.

Loleygaon Nature Resort (WBFDC Loleygaon is CLOSED for maintenance work)

Resort Tree-fern
Tariff: Rs. 1500.00 + 10% service charge

Hotel Laliguras
Tariff: Rs. 900 + 10% service charge

Kaafal Guest House
Tariff: Rs. 1200 / 1500 + 10% service charge

Lovely Resort
Tariff: Rs. 950 – 1,050

Sunakhari Resort
Tariff: Rs. 500 – 900

Hotel Pride
Tariff: Rs. 2,500 – 4,000

Glen Vista Retreat, Charkhol
Tariff: Rs. 850 – 1,500

Hotel Sunrise
Tariff: Rs. 1,100 – 1,500

Sonargaon Resort
Tariff: Upto Rs. 650

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The wild and gushing Changey Falls can be found at a short distance of 14 kilometers from Lava, a famous tourist attraction in Kalimpong subdivision of Darjeeling District West Bengal. Tourists undertaking the trip to LavaLoleygaonRishyap circuit definitely visit the Changey Falls which is formidable and beautiful at the same time. Rapidly gaining in popularity among the nature and adventure lovers, Changey Falls has added charm to the beautiful hamlets nearby.

How to reach Changey Falls

Tourists visiting Lava Loleygaon can easily come to Changey Falls. Hire a car to drive you to Changey via Kolakham from Lava. No public or private buses ply through this route. Therefore, you must have a car hired for both reaching and departing from the destination. The route through Kolakham is beautiful and will mesmerize you with its charm. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Changey on your four wheeler which means it is almost 4.5 kilometers from Kolakham. Once you reach the spot you have to start on a 900 feet walking trail to arrive at the source of the mighty falls. It will cost around 1200 to arrive and depart from Changey on a cab.

Attaractions in Changey Falls

It is quite an awe-inspiring sight. Forest, mountain and waterfall make an excellent spot with natural abundance. The waterfalls against the backdrop of the majestic Kanchenjunga makes for an ideal picture so do not stop your camera from clicking. The heaven like peace is only broken by the chirp of beautiful and colorful Himalayan birds like Verditer Flycatcher, White Capped Water Redstart, Blue Fronted Redstart, Niltava, Indian Robin, Blue Whistling Thrush and Grey Treepie. You can also enjoy the sunrise and sunset at 2 points known as Tiffin Dara and Ghanti Dara if you consider staying at Changey Falls for a day or two.

Accommodation at Changey Falls

Earlier there was no accommodation at Changey Falls. But now the situation has changed and there is a medium resort known as the Changey Falls Resort. It is a beautifully designed wooden resort which offers cottage style rooms with double occupancy along with attached western toilet. The room rate is 1500 INR + 10% service charges. They charge 300+10% service charge for an extra bed. You can book the resort online or call at 9836955186/9830947352/8420424111.

The uniqueness of Changey Falls is that it flows in 3 steps which could be made out clearly from its course downstream. Do not forget to capture this rare beauty in a wild setting.

Photo Courtesy: changeyfalls.wordpress.com

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