Sonamukhi gets its name from the local deity Swarnamukhi Devi and is a busy municipality in Bankura district in West Bengal. It is situated at a distance of 34 kilometers from Bishnupur and falls enroute to Hadal Narayanpur from Bishnupur. Apart from the temples located in Sonamukhi, it is also famous as the birthplace of KusumKumari Devi and Haranath who are deemed to be the reincarnations of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the founder of Vaishnav sect. Sonamukhi is therefore a place of religious and well as historical significance. It also holds lots of interest for the lovers of art and architecture.

Sonamukhi has a glorious history of being one of the leading producers of cotton, silk and indigo during the British rule in India. Therefore, it has been referred to as a weavers’ village in many documents and literary books of the time. However, now the village is popular because of its terracotta temples and witnesses visitors almost throughout the year. The most famous and unique one is the Sridhar temple which has 25 pinnacles. This feature of the temple renders it a unique quality. There are only 5 such temples in Bengal and Sridhar in Sonamukhi constructed by Kanai Rudra, a weaver is one of them. The Archaeology department of the state has shown lot of interest in this temple and it has been preserved beautifully by them.


There are 5 Rasmanchas in Sonamukhi scattered in different parts of the town. You can spot them while exploring the town through its lanes, by lanes and markets. The Sridhar Temple is located in the interior and you will have to walk through a by lane to arrive at the destination. However, you will be astounded by the terracotta plaques on the temple walls. Scenes like Lord Shiva’s marriage, exchange of Lord Krishna as a child and Brahma originating from Lord Vishu’s naval are depicted on the walls. The wooden door of the temple has the typical style of temple gates in Bengal.

Around Sonamukhi

Some of the houses nearby are centuries old and you can see the remains of residential architectural specimens on them. At a short distance lies another temple. This is the temple of Sitala Devi. The temple is a flat roofed one with 5 pinnacled structure. Just behind the temple is the Siddeshwar Rasmancha painted in blue making a pretty picture. Nest to the Sitala temple is a Laxminarayan Jiu Temple which has been constructed following the typical duel style architecture. This temple was built in the year 1364 according to Bengali calendar.

The Swarnamukhi Temple is located in Shyambazaar area. Gaja Lakshmi is the shrine here with two elephants. The typical horse and elephant figures of Bankura can be spotted on the interiors especially on the walls. The Gopalbed area of Sonamukhi has the ruins of an ancient temple of which he pillars and the spire remain. The structures on the temple walls are quite impressive. The Giri Gobardhan and the renovated Radha Gobinda temples of Babuapara are beautiful to look at accompanied with Rasmanchas among which one is 17 pinnacled.

How to Reach

Visitors can reach Sonamukhi by road on bus and also by train.

Where to stay at Sonamukhi

In order to book the bungalow you can contact or get in touch with the DFO of the northern Division. Or you could back to Burdwan city which is 60 km form Sonamukhi.

Here are the details:

DFO- North Division,Bankura
PC- 722101

Back to Bankura

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Tarakeswar is a holy place for Hindu pilgrims. Tarakeswar is a small town in Hooghly district in West Bengal. Principal attraction of this town is the temple of Taraknath where in Lord Siva is worshiped. This temple is founded by Mukunda Ghosh in 1729. Not only devotees from West Bangal visit this place, it attracts people from all over India.


  • Taraknath Temple: Tourists visit the temple throughout the year. Sivratri, Gajan and Sravani mela are most famous festivals of the temple.
  • Doodh Pukur: Doodh pukur is a sacred pond at temple area. The state government have taken appropriate antipollution measures to make the water of the pond useable by the pilgrims for the people of taking bath and puja.
  • Rajbari: Tourists may visit the rajbari beside the Doodh pukur. Jamindar of this place used to stay in this palace.
  • Shravani Mela: shravani mela is a popular fair which held during the bengali month of shravn (mid-July to mid-August).This time is auspicious to Hindus. Devotees come through out India to join this festival.
  • Buddha Temple

How To Reach

Tarakeswar is just 58 km. away from Kolkata and is within easy reach. It is possible to visit the temple and return to Kolkata within a few hour.


  • There are 24 pair local train from Howrah throughout the day. 58 Km Distance from Howrah to Tarakeswar.
  • Trains are available from Saorafuly junction.
  • Take train from Kamarkundu station (Howrah-Burdwan chord line).
  • Easily accessible from Arambag station. Then take buses  for Tarakeswar via Joyrambati – Kamarpukhur.
  • Also it is accessible from Bishnupur station  also.


Bus stand is situated on the north side of the rail station. CSTC buses are available from Sahid Miner at Kolkata maidan. Tarakeswar is connected by different bus routs: Tarakeswar – Chinsura, Tarakeswar – arambag, Tarakeswar -Burdwan etc.

Passenger cars (treker) are also available to travel from different parts of the district.

There are numerous option for car rental as well.


Tarakeswar offers all kinds of accommodation, suitable for every budget. Many private hotels and guest houses are available.

Tarakeswar Municipality Guest house
Deluxe Room: Rs. 150-600, A/c Deluxe  Room: Rs. 900, Dormitory Bed: Rs. 30 (one mandatory meal with extra charge)
Telephone: (03212) 276330

Tarakeswar Tourist Lodge (WBTDC), Guest house road, Ward-7
Telephone: (03212) 279332
A/c Deluxe Room: Rs. 600/900/1100/1600/2200, Dormitory Bed: Rs. 120
Kolkata Booking, Telephone: 22488271/9051057272

Kanoria Atithi Bhawan, Station road (near rail station)
Room: Rs. 150-225
Telephone: (03212) 276297

Tarakeswar Super Lodge, Near bus stand (opposite of rail station)
Deluxe room: Rs. 350-1000
Telephone: (03212) 276371

Other than these, there are numerous options at Budget Hotels, Hanuman Parisad Dharamshala, Panda’s house etc.

When To Visit

Tarakeswar is popular all through the year. However, it is better to avoid the month of July and August when the place experiences heavy crowd for ‘Shravani mela’.

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